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Pump Systems

Wet Pit Installation

Dry Well Installation, International Patented Bulk Separating System

The sewage water plant construction sector is an innovative, future-oriented part of the medium-sized company becker Elektromaschinenbau GmbH. In co-operation with partners from the industry, such as bauku GmbH or NIVUS GmbH, but also together with local organisations, becker's sewage water plant construction sector is engaged in theoretical and practical field tests into cost savings in sewage water management. In addition, daily work in plant construction, maintenance and repairs provides valuable know-how for optimising the company's products.

Principally, the efforts must be divided into two areas:

Plant engineering
In the construction of complete, i.e. turnkey sewage water pump stations, the principal factors are the utilisation of state-of-the-art materials (e.g. high density PE in shaft construction), the latest control technologies and monitoring systems and the use of efficient pump technologies. Apart from sewage water pump stations, the company produces measuring shafts which meet all the criteria of a high-quality measuring technology in line with actual requirements.

Service and operation technologies
This sector develops new application alternatives for the servicing and maintenance of pump stations, including complete plant operations with teleprocessing systems. The special feature of these models is that the cost is fixed by contract, so that becker's contract partners are in a position to determine their precise normal operating expenditure in advance.

Basically, all efforts are geared towards a more economical construction of sewage water treatment plants and an efficient operation over their total life cycle.

With regard to innovation and quality, we have considerably improved the systems for economical sewage water conveyance that are already on the market. For wet-pit installations in particular, our optimised servicing system enables us to provide an excellent customer-oriented cost-performance ratio.

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