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Dry Well Installation
International Patented Bulk Separating System

  • Modular features

  • Elbow-room for
    • mechanics
    • maintenance staff

Description of system:
In the plants, the bulk material is removed from the raw sewage water. This pre-cleaned water is stored in a vessel that is gas proof and watertight and is linked to the pumps. The pumps only convey sewage water that is free from bulky matter.

When the pumps are connected via a levelling system, the bulk material is first conveyed into the sewage water discharge pipe. Obstructions are reliably prevented by flooding the plant with the remaining pre-cleaned waste water. Floating sludge is retained in the bulk material separating system and fat and other small scum is sucked from the surface of the collecting basin by the pump's automatic follow-up mechanism.

The bulk material contained in the waste water is not cut up (pumps with a cutting mechanism are not necessary) and is not conveyed through the pumps (such as non-clogging or unchokable pumps), but does not even touch the pumps. The bulk material can therefore easily be removed from the sewage water in the clarification plant.

1. Result: Profitability
Considerably longer operating times are possible, the mechanical stress on the pumps is very low (compared to conventional systems).

Due to these conditions, it is possible to use machines with less completely free passages and thereby considerably higher efficiency! The cost of energy used per cubic metre of water is lowered dramatically.

2. Result: Easy servicing
The plants are composed of modules, all parts can easily be reached for servicing. The concept of the bulk material separation vessels and the collecting basins allows the pumps to be installed in dry wells, making the plant accessible and controllable by one single person (reduction in maintenance cost).

Naturally, these plants do have drawbacks as well as advantages. Due to the considerably higher use of system parts in the mechanics and control techniques, production cost is higher. This, however, is cancelled within a very short time by the savings in the cost of energy and servicing.

(A comparison from another field of industry may demonstrate this: the differences between a pump system of conventional design and such a pump system with a bulk material separating system are comparable to the differences between a turning lathe and a CNC machining centre.)

3. Result: Overall advantage
Due to the considerably more economical operation, the initially higher production cost is cancelled, depending on the quantity of sewage water to be pumped, within the first year after the start of operations (depending on the pump size). The economical advantage due to the utilization of the 'becker' bulk material separating system is therefore considerable.

Contact: Mr. Lüdemann, Mr. Zellmann

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